Madrugada @ Santeria Social Club, Milan


I’m gonna lock you down with liquor and love

After what seemed like a million years, Madrugada finally decided to get their shit together and started touring again. With only three original members left in the line-up, we have all gathered at a concert of two uninterrupted hours of Madrugada. At bass, an old school member Frode Jacobsen, a combination of Nick Cave and Matthew McConaughey. Master of drums, old-time Madrugada member, Jon Lauvland Pettersen and finally the vocalist, sober and serious, looked like he just came from the office, Mister Sivert Hoyem.

The crowd did not spare the applause when the soulful opener ‘Vocals’ was presented and was rewarded in the course of the show with a great presentation of the entire ‘Industry Silence’ album. The visuals were amazing and the sound was incredible! On the setlist as well as in the merch they were selling exclusively Industrial Silence. Must say it was an odd choice! Industrial Silence is their first album, released in 1999. All the greater the joy to listen to tunes you’d never expect. Their intense melancholic rhythm is captivating, to say the least. Their music is dark but romantic and at times agitated and Sivert’s baritone voice suits it perfectly. After a couple of songs, Sivert introduced the band announcing the end of their Italian tour for 2019. That being said, they started to get more and more comfortable with the stage and with the public. If in the beginning, Sivert had his shirt buttoned up with a jacket to cover it, by the end of the encore, his shirt was unbuttoned and sweaty, his jacket thrown somewhere backstage. He started sharing sweet stories about the tunes and their meaning and admitted that Electric was their first ever song that was any good! They definitely know how to entertain a concert, at some point, in the middle of the concert, he dressed in this amazing disco jacket only to shut the lights completely later and use one flashlight to blind the public from one end to the other. The public couldn’t just let them go without an encore so they came back and played a couple of songs from other albums, including Honey Bee which Sivert admitted that is his all-time favorite song. That’s lovely, Sivert, it’s my favorite song, too! Before leaving, they just had to announce that by pure accident, at the concert was present also Marius ‘Wah Wah’ Johansen, one of their first guitarist from the really early years ( I’m talking the ‘90s here ). Madrugada + Marius Wah Wah


  1. Vocal
  2. Belladonna
  3. Higher
  4. Sirens
  5. Shine
  6. This Old House
  7. Strange colour blue
  8. Salt
  9. Norwegian Hammerworks Corp.
  10. Beautyproof
  11. Quite Emotional
  12. Terraplane


  1. Electric
  2. Black Mambo
  3. Only When You’re Gone
  4. Honey Bee
  5. What’s on Your Mind?
  6. Majesty
  7. The Kids are on High Street
  8. Valley of Deception

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